Trump Didn’t Pay Any Hush Money


A resurfaced 2018 letter to the FEC from Michael Cohen’s lawyer Stephen M. Ryan stated that Michael Cohen used his own personal funds to pay Stormy Daniels. Donald Trump and his campaign were not parties to the payment, and they never reimbursed Michael Cohen.

In this Feb 2018 document, Michael Cohen’s own attorney, in a letter to the Federal Election Commission, says that “the payment in question does NOT constitute a campaign contribution.”


Case dismissed! The only argument they have is it’s not true because Michael Cohen is a liar.

This revelation, plus the more than 300 emails with exculpatory evidence hidden by DA Alvin Bragg, makes the case is a mess.

This isn’t about a technicality. There is no crime here. It’s not a crime to provide hush money to save one’s marriage.

The witness, who might say something different, lies constantly and is a convicted liar, as his own lawyer has testified.

This information was public knowledge in 2018 so why didn’t Alvin Bragg know? He know snow.

Alvin Bragg is conducting a political witch hunt and in his exuberance, he forgot to do his due diligence. He could be sued for this. The case is based on Trump Derangement Syndrome, not a crime.

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11 months ago

Notice how when there isn’t a crime Democrats will create one out of thin air. What if Republicans did that to Democrats? The issue is Republicans don’t have to because Democrats think the Law is just a suggestion and feel that if they don’t like someone they committed a crime. Think about that. If a Democrat don’t like you, you are a criminal and making up crimes to put you in jail is OK.