Manhattan DA Withheld Exculpatory Evidence from the Trump Grand Jury


Michael Cohen‘s attorney, Robert Costello, was on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show and Rob Schmitt’s show on Newsmax, making the same comments each time. He explained that the Manhattan prosecutor had 321 emails and cherry-picked six to show to the grand jury. The prosecutor shared INCOMPLETE EVIDENCE with the grand jury.

That’s not justice.

Mr. Costello absolutely shredded Michael Cohen as a serial liar and completely untrustworthy.

Cohen’s former attorney was shocked that the Manhattan DA was going forward since their case depends on Michael Cohen, a convicted perjurer. Schmitt asked him about the cherry-picked emails and if that amounted to withholding exculpatory evidence.

Mr. Costello said, “I think it’s giving the grand jury incomplete evidence. I asked them during my grand jury proceeding to deliver the entire 321 emails because they are chronological, step-by-step, day-by-day communications, between Michael Cohen and myself, and between myself and my partner Jeff Citron, about Michael Cohen. And if you want to get a clear view of exactly what was going on, you need to see everything. You don’t just cherry-pick six out of 321. That’s less than 2%.”

Schmitt asked if he was shocked to learn that Alvin Bragg was going for something like this after the feds had already dumped it.”

“Yes,” Costello said, “I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense. First of all, that, whatever case Alvin Bragg is bringing here rests almost exclusively on the credibility of Michael Cohen. Michael Cohen is a convicted perjurer. That was one of the counts that he pled guilty to. Besides being a convicted perjurer, if … the District Attorney went through those 321 emails, you will see probably another hundred lies that Michael Cohen made to us when we were representing him. It makes no sense. But if you look at those emails, you will see that one e-mail contradicts another e-mail, and Michael would forget that he took position A one day and position B a second day.

 “So if you go to the end of the emails, which is really at the tail end of our representation and communication with Michael, you will see that there’s four or five emails in which he makes numerous false statements, and I respond and point out exactly why those statements were false, because and in fact, I said to him in one of the emails, Michael, you cannot write emails with false statements in it. I’m not going to let you. I’m going to respond each time, even though we thought that nobody would ever see those emails. This was a matter of principle. I would not let Michael Cohen write emails that were false and just sit by and do nothing.

Schmitt played a clip of Michael Cohen on MSNBC doing what he does best – Lying. He accused Mr. Costello of allegiance to Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump. Mr. Costello said he never represented Donald Trump or any of his companies. It’s not about that. It’s about the truth.

People should also know that Cohen waived attorney-client privilege.

[The Manhattan case rests on Donald Trump paying Stormy so he could win the presidency, but all the evidence indicates he did it to protect his marriage. Donald Trump denies ever sleeping with Stormy Daniels.]

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
10 months ago

If Trump paying Stormy Daniels to make sure he can win elections is wrong…

why is it not even more wrong for 51 intelligence experts to sign a ( false ) letter saying Hunter Laptop does not exist??

and why is it not even more wrong for the FBI to pay Twitter to silence anything about Hunter laptop to make sure Biden can win elections ?????

Why are Democrats above the law?

I think I know why,

and here is my theory,

Al Capone had half of police officers on his payroll and he also paid judges and government officials to look the other way or always find him and his men not guilty.

I am now 99.99% convinced the Democrat party is actually a sort of crime syndicate that pays people to never find Democrats guilty of anything…
but those same people – paid by the democrat crime syndicate – often give the most extreme sentences to the political opponents of Democrats ( and often do it based on BOGUS charges they pulled out of their behind )

The parallel with Al Capone and all the people who would not touch him because he paid them is a very plausible one.

How else can anyone explain that no matter how illegal the acts of Democrats are, no matter how much evidence there is, Democrats never pay a price ???

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
10 months ago

Someone just emailed me that the arrest/indictment has been cancelled.

10 months ago

Of course he did. This is not about Crimes or Justice, it’s all about trying to Slime President Trump.