Trump draws larger rallies in Japan than Biden does in the USA


Watch the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally in Japan among Trump supporters. You may notice that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris never pulled this large a crowd in the United States.

But…but…how can this be? Democrats tell us the world hates us and hates President Trump. Unlike too many Americans, who are kept in the dark by our media, the Japanese understand the threat China poses. All that stands in the way of China’s complete domination of the world is the United States.


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2 years ago

And that’s another reason for me to LOVE Japan!!!

The Audacity Of Hype
The Audacity Of Hype
2 years ago

They only love us because we elected the immaculate Chicago Jesus Messiah. Everyone hates Emmanuel Goldstein AKA DJT because the enemedia and clueless useful idiot comrades loathe him.
They are terribly oppressed under the Orange Hitler as they talk shit about him all day on various platforms and enjoy a high quality living standard.
Everyone can go to the bathroom together and discover deviant sex just to show how progressive and cosmopolitan they are. No one has ever done those “historic” things before.
Why don’t we do it in the road because anything goes.

Matt Sullivan
Matt Sullivan
2 years ago

Obama is white trash