Diebold could alter vote totals, delete audits


Diebold was bought by Dominion Voting Systems, now at the center of the election scandal in the United States. Dominion bought everything — software, intellectual property, firmware, and hardware for Premier’s current and legacy optical scan, central scan, and touch screen voting systems, and all versions of the GEMS election management system from ES&S.

In 2007, Diebold was tested by California’s secretary of state, and they were deeply concerned about it. It isn’t good if California didn’t like it.

The California Secretary of State at the time, Debra Bowen, conducted a top-to-bottom review of many voting systems certified for use in California. Computer scientists from the University of California led the review.

Her teams found that all three voting machine systems’ technology and security could be compromised in the absence of procedural mitigation strategies.

Conclusions: Although the Red Team did not have time to finish exploits for all of the vulnerabilities we discovered, nor to provide a complete evaluation of the Diebold GEMS 1.18.24/AccuVote system, we were able to discover attacks for the Diebold system that could compromise the accuracy, secrecy, and availability of the voting systems and their auditing mechanisms. That is, the Red Team has developed exploits that – absent procedural mitigation strategies – can alter vote totals, violate the privacy of individual voters, make systems unavailable, and delete audit trails.

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3 years ago

Anything computerized can be hacked. This is in addition to the dumps of votes that occurred in the early morning hours after counting was halted and before vote monitors were back on the scene.

The Great Leap Forward
The Great Leap Forward
3 years ago

President Stacy Abrams will lead us to the utopia starting in 2024. Her fifty state win will be tabulated in two hours with the Dominion/Diebold machines. The glorious world of next Tuesday is just around the corner.
Free rainbow stew bubble up and fully charged EBT cards for all comrades of the glorious people’s collective.
Meet me by the rainbow chocolate fountains with your unicorn and we’ll sing hymns of praise to Klaus Schwab.