Trump has to correct legacy media’s false claim about Congressman Gaetz


It is true that you cannot believe anything the legacy media says. They have become partisan activists and no longer try to hide it. The following is a case in point.

President Trump issued a statement correcting the media disinformation machine over Congressman Gaetz.

The former president said that Congressman Matt Gaetz never asked him for a pardon. He added that Congressman Gaetz “has totally denied the accusations against him.”

The New York Times had falsely claimed the congressman asked him for a pardon.

The Times reported Tuesday that it’s unclear what Gaetz knew of the investigation of him at the time of his request, and he didn’t tell White House aides when he sought the pardons that he was under investigation.

That’s just not true.

To prove the media is corrupt, check out the CNN article about the issue. They act as if it’s true and the former president never corrected the record. They’re blatant liars.

If they are wrong about this, they are probably wrong about the accusations as well. Until there is evidence, and so far there is none, we must consider Congressman Gaetz innocent.

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