Trump More Than DOUBLED Savings With Cuts to Obama-Era Regs


The Trump administration has been hurriedly killing off Obama-regulations and in doing so, more than DOUBLED savings goals. They are on pace to make record cuts.

American Action Forum reports that the administration achieved $1.65 billion in regulatory savings. Their goal was $687 million.

And President Trump is just getting started. These regulations KILL jobs.

“Considering there is already more than half a trillion in proposed rule savings to date this year, some of the administration’s most significant measures may be a major part of agencies’ FY 2019 budgets,” said the report from AAF regulatory experts Dan Bosch and Dan Goldbeck.

They are not only doing away with Obama rules, they are looking for deeper cuts in others. Our capitalist system might not crash after all, which will sadden the former president.

Also worth noting is that 230,000 jobs were added in September, far above the predicted 179,000. The labor market is rip-roaring hot according to Market Watch.

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