Trump offers hotel rooms to troops sent to the parking garage gulag


The National Guard all stood at attention as politicians glad-handed them on Inauguration Day. Then a Democrat Rep decided they were a threat and had them moved to garages to sleep on the floor with little heat and inadequate bathroom facilities. Some were able to get hotel rooms.

Former President Trump has now given permission for the troops to stay at Trump Hotel DC if they need to.

This is the difference between demented hack Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The Rep who is responsible, Bill Keating, is an extremist, and he’s petty. The man is a PC mask-virtue-signaler.

Before Keating arranged to have the troops sent to the parking garage gulag, he managed to pose with these dangerous men for a photo op.

Kayleigh McEnany, the former Trump press secretary, wrote on Twitter: On Monday, a Democrat congressman said most of the National Guard likely voted for Trump and were, therefore, security threats. Last night, our National Guardsmen were banished to a parking garage. They are HEROES & deserve better than this!!



  1. Well at least THIS time, they were given cover of a parking garage.
    During the DC riots a few months ago, the DC mayor HAD OUR NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS LITERALLY SLEEPING ON THE STREETS
    MDems fear some members of the military may SHOOT THEM

    Gee, last time a president feared the miliary may hate him enough to SHOOT him was Barack Hussein Obama. Every time Obama visited the troops,our solders’ guns were confiscated.

    Speaks VOLUMES, does it not?

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