Trump-O’Reilly Tour Begins as a Big Success as MSM Lies About It


“Think about the totalitarian societies that came about because of the dishonest press,” O’Reilly warned.

On Saturday, President Trump and Bill O’Reilly held an event in Sunrise, Florida that they labeled The History tour. It was a great success with 11,000 in the building.  They couldn’t get everyone in and Secret Service had to back it up an hour because they were overwhelmed by numbers according to Bill O’Reilly.

This one show alone made $2 million.

The mainstream fake news media lied and made it sound like a failure. Fake news Newsweek reported that “Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly’s Tour Begins With Empty Seats in Florida—Report.”

Yahoo Fake News falsely claimed they had trouble selling tickets.

The upcoming Texas events are up to 30,000 people — during a pandemic.

Some in the crowd thought it was a rally and started hooting and hollering. O’Reilly had to scold them a bit.

O’Reilly asked how dangerous Putin and Xi are, and should China be punished for COV. Trump said the CCP should pay retributions.

They discussed J6. O’Reilly asked about accusations by a House committee of instigating a riot. He said he asked for 10,000 National Guard one day before the rally/riot. O’Reilly checked and it was confirmed according to sworn testimony. That undercuts the allegation that Donald Trump instigated the riot.

The former Fox News anchor asked about the Obamas and Trump said he got along with them.

Another question was would Trump order an investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden if he’s re-elected. Donald Trump said what they’ve done to his family is a disgrace and he knows it’s corrupt, but he’s not looking to hurt anyone.

The crowd was not happy. They want the Bidens to pay for their egregious behaviors.


Former President Donald Trump teased Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis as a “good” 2024 running mate.

“I think Ron would be good,” Trump said Saturday at the “History Tour.” 

DJT also made it clear J6 hurt Mike Pence and he wouldn’t be the running mate if he runs in 2024.


Bill addressed the ‘mean tweets’ — and O’Reilly doesn’t agree with a lot of the tweets — but he believes that the way DJT was lied about makes it very understandable.

O’Reilly said there are a colossal amount of ticket sales but the media is lying. Newsweek was the most dishonest thanks to the CEO who is a former MSNBC contributor. O’Reilly tried to straighten it out but no media were interested in the truth. No one will hold them accountable.

No one can stop the media and their lies. They don’t want the truth and they want DJT to fail. If they have to lie, no problem. As Bill said, “This is so horrible to the nation.”

Americans can’t make responsible decisions if they don’t know the truth, he said. O’Reilly said he is very bitter over what has become of the media. If it’s a lie, the media doesn’t care. “Think about the totalitarian societies that came about because of the dishonest press,” he warned.

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Who Is Blofeld
Who Is Blofeld
2 years ago

Junk news fail. TDS might work with the drooling dullards of the biomedical police state plantation but not on those with independent thinking capabilities.
A twenty people in attendance “rally” for Jo Jo Brandon or Cruella Pantsuit would be hyped up without any images of the non-existent crowd.
The enemedia or the republic which will be destroyed first?