Trump rallies coming in June, and here come the Dems


The New York Post reports that Trump’s team “is in the process of selecting venues” for a pair of rallies in June, with a third expected to take place around the Fourth of July. While Trump has done interviews since leaving Washington, he’s yet to address his base via the campaign-style rallies he held during his four years in office, as the Post noted.

The rallies are for candidates he is supporting.

Vanity Fair is quite upset and said “the last one being the “Stop the Steal” speech he gave shortly before his supporters stormed the Capitol in an attempt to stop Joe Biden from becoming president.”

That isn’t exactly what happened. There were a lot of questions about this election since they changed rules and laws immediately before the election. All they asked for was a delay to review it. It’s exactly what Democrats have demanded every time a Republican won an election.

Vanity Fair says Trump thinks he’s still president. Well, someone has to be because Biden sure isn’t.

Remember these left-wing rallies/riots no one minded in 2020:

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