Fang Fang’s really good friend Swalwell screams at Rep. Greene’s SPOX


Where’s Fang Fang when you need someone to calm Eric Swalwell? Scott Wong of The Hill reported another verbal altercation in the House involving her really, really good friend Eric Swalwell.

[Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA)] spokesman Nick Dyer told @RepSwalwell: “Biden says you can take off your mask”

Swalwell confronted Dyer, got in his face, and according to Dyer, said: “You don’t tell me what to f***ing do!”

Only Fang Fang can do that.

Swalwell responded to Wong, saying: “I had a mask on as I stepped off the Floor. An aide with @mtgreenee yelled at me to take my mask off. No one should be bullied for wearing a mask. So I told the bully what I thought of his order. Predictably, he went speechless. I regret I wasn’t more explicit,” Swalwell, who is vaccinated, said.

He’s virtue signaling, and he’s a drama queen or king or whatever.

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