Trump Reacts to Prison Meme After Gag Order Imposed


Judge Merchan put a gag order on Donald Trump in the Manhattan Stormy Daniels case. The gag order means Donald Trump can’t make statements about attorneys, court staff, or the family members of prosecutors or lawyers intended to interfere with the case. Trump is also barred from making statements about any potential or actual juror.

In other words, he can’t defend himself.

The Merchan Post?

Laura Loomer claimed that she had found an X feed belonging to Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan. The feed is now protected. The Loren Merchan profile included a photo of Donald Trump behind bars.

Loomer included alleged proof that it was Merchan’s daughter’s profile. However, a community note said Loren Merchan abandoned the page after 2019, and the note included evidence from The Wayback Machine.

Whoever posted the Trump behind bars photo wanted to anger Donald Trump and possibly provoke him to violate the gag order.

In any case, Juan Merchan should not be the judge in this case. He has a bad history with Donald Trump.

The lawyers should be able to verify or disprove.

Donald Trump reacted. He’s not wrong about Merchan, but his daughter probably isn’t going to post a meme like that. Just a gues.

Donald Trump Posted on Truth Social

“Judge Juan Merchan, who is suffering from an acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (whose daughter represents Crooked Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Adam “Shifty” Schiff, and other Radical Liberals, has just posted a picture of me behind bars, her obvious goal, and makes it completely impossible for me to get a fair trial) has now issued another illegal, un-American, unConstitutional “order,” as he continues to try and take away my Rights.

“This Judge, by issuing a vicious “Gag Order,” is wrongfully attempting to deprive me of my First Amendment Right to speak out against the Weaponization of Law Enforcement, including the fact that Crooked Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and their Hacks and Thugs are tracking and following me all across the Country, obsessively trying to persecute me, while everyone knows I have done nothing wrong!

“So, let me get this straight, the Judge’s daughter is allowed to post pictures of her “dream” of putting me in jail, the Manhattan D.A. is able to say whatever lies about me he wants, the Judge can violate our Laws and Constitution at every turn, but I am not allowed to talk about the attacks against me, and the Lunatics trying to destroy my life, and prevent me from winning the 2024 Presidential Election, which I am dominating?

“Maybe the Judge is such a hater because his daughter makes money by working to “Get Trump,” and when he rules against me over and over again, he is making her company, and her, richer and richer. How can this be allowed? The Judge has to recuse himself immediately, and right the wrong committed by not doing so last year.

“If the Biased and Conflicted Judge is allowed to stay on this Sham “Case,” it will be another sad example of our Country becoming a Banana Republic, not the America we used to know and love. These are Election Interfering Witch Hunts. We will crush each one of these Hoaxes, and Make America Great Again!”

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