Children Here Illegally Get Special Needs Children’s Seats


There are so many illegal immigrant children pouring into Manhattan schools that they might push school children with disabilities and special needs out of an academic building and into an “inadequate” site.

The school, West Prep Academy, reportedly serves 170 students, mainly children with special needs. The school is being overrun by the enrollment at PS 145, which shares the same building as West Prep.

PS 145 has enrolled enormous numbers of illegal immigrant children, reportedly “flooding” the system. Reports say more than 30,000 migrant children have been sent to public schools in New York City in recent years.

According to the New York Post, City Education Department officials are offering the academy another location – an aging nearby building, 127 years old, with no outdoor space, a gym serving as an auditorium, and no adequate accommodations for its disabled and special needs children.

Why can’t the illegal immigrant children go into the 127-year-old building?

That building, once the home of the now-shuttered Ascension School on 108th Street, would be the academy’s new home for the 2024-2025 school year — despite having no upgrades or modifications.

Get used to it. This is the new normal that will seep into every state, like cancer.

The children coming in will need a great deal of help, and that will take away from all the children.

Citizens have no rights.

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