Trump Shows Clip of Biden in a State of Mental Deterioration at PA Rally


At his rally in Pennsylvania last night, President Trump said we have to win in November or we won’t have a country left. These people are “smart, they’re vicious” and they will stop at nothing. He called for Joe Biden to take a cognitive test after playing a compilation of some of Joe’s cognitive lapses.

“Joe Biden should put the question to rest,” said Donald Trump tonight at the Save America rally in Pennsylvania, “by taking a cognitive test and releasing the results for the entire world to see, just like I did! I did it!”


The media and Democrat Party demanded Donald Trump take a cognitive test when there were no such cognitive mishaps. Yet they couldn’t care less that Joe Biden can’t get through a teleprompter speech. He reads them without knowing what he’s saying much of the time.

Having a senile president and unaccountable players behind the curtain is extremely dangerous and the Democrats love the opportunities this provides.

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