Trump’s a Hit in PA, Dr. Oz – Not So Much


During the rally in Greensburg, Pennsylvania last night, Donald Trump called the Biden Disinformation Governance Board, “A chilling and un-American power grab”. Disbanding it will be his top priority.

“We will immediately terminate Joe Biden’s so-called disinformation governing board,” Trump said at a Pennsylvania rally Friday.

He spent the first 7 minutes on incompetent Biden who couldn’t run a hot dog stand, and the radical leftists running the government.

It was pouring rain which kept the crowd numbers down, along with Dr. Oz and an appearance by the Johnson’s of J&J vaccine.


Mr. Trump was in Pennsylvania stumping for Dr. Mehmet Oz, a candidate for the Senate, but Dr. Oz is not very popular with a significant number of GOP voters. His unfavorables are at 41%.

Dr. Oz told the rally goers on Friday evening that Republicans are “walking into this culture war knife fights with index cards”.

“Index cards don’t work there, you’ve got to go in there with your fists sometimes – metaphorically,” he said.

Oz received a mixed but tepid response from the pro-Trump crowd. Some booed him every time Donald Trump mentioned his name.

Trump recruited newly elected Senate GOP candidate in Ohio J.D. Vance to tee up Oz’s remarks.

Both Vance and Oz were endorsed by Trump but not the favored candidate of voters ahead of primary election day

Pennsylvania’s primary election is on May 17 and many voters are still undecided.

Dr. Oz is very unpopular compared to the other candidates running. His unfavorables are at 41% and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thinks he could be a national security threat unless he explains his ties to Turkey.

Oz, who is US-born voted in a 2018 Turkish election. His parents came from Turkey.
He said he would renounce his Turkish citizenship if elected.

Many see Dr. Oz as a hack. Jack Posobiec said he completely flipped on Roe v. Wade to run in a state he didn’t live in.

Many believe Donald Trump made a mistake in backing Dr. Oz. Drew Hernandez represents a significant faction who view Dr. Oz as a plant. They could be wrong.

Dr. Oz is green.


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