Trump Signed Executive Order Repealing “Clean” Water Rule


The massive land grab water rule, which went under the misnomer clean water rule, has just been abolished. President Trump signed an executive order scraping the rule which was especially harmful to ranchers, manufacturers and famers. It allowed the government to control every aspect of their land and water usage. The Executive Order only allows the EPA to regulate “navigable waters” not all water.

The left loves “rules” like this because it allows them to circumvent Congress and, in this case, the Supreme Court.

It’s gone.

Under that rule, Barack Obama, gave himself power over all small waterways, including ponds, streams, wetlands, et al via his unelected bureaucrats in the EPA. The government added some exceptions like artificial ponds but it alone had the power to exempt or not exempt.

The leftists changed the definition of water in an effort to get around a SCOTUS decision and pass this rule.

The Supreme Court of the United States defined the meaning of ‘water’ as ‘navigable water.’ The EPA redefined it as all ‘connected water,’ and they redefined ‘connected water as all water, so they could assume power to regulate every body of water in the United States.

Conceivably, any water under their definition could even include ditches and puddles on private property.

The leftist unelected EPA regulators under Obama falsely claimed that the Supreme Court’s definition had been too vague. This is our third branch of government they neutralized.

This scraping of the water rule is the beginning of the dismantling of all of Obama’s oppressive EPA regulations.

Administration officials also said the President believes the administration is in a position to pass immigration legislation. It’s hard to understand what has happened to support that statement.


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