New Leak Should Cause Democrats to Go Off the Deep End Tonight


Nancy Pelosi has strongly encouraged the Democrats to behave during the President’s address to the nation this evening, though they might not heed her advice when they hear of his proposed budget cuts.

She said they mustn’t become “them”.

Democrats are bringing refugees and illegal aliens – criminals – to sit with them during the speech this evening. They want to protest Trump’s “stringent” immigration policies. All he has done so far is follow the law.

Maxine Waters won’t attend and  Rep. Eliot Engel won’t shake Trump’s hand for the usual photo-op he craves. It’s going to be very hard for Democrats to not boo and hiss when the President makes his budget announcements based on the latest leaks.

Unnamed leakers say the Trump administration is looking to cut State Department spending by 37%.

He is examining the growth in spending by the State Department during the Obama administration, including that caused by the addition of special envoys, though they said that would not cover the proposed cuts. One U.S. official said that the State Department is looking at development assistance to other nations.

“That is definitely dead on arrival,” Big Government Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) told reporters Tuesday, saying the proposed State Department budget “puts our diplomats at risk.”

Trump is also suggesting a 24% cut to the EPA and a call for cutting Obama’s massive climate change budget. There are big cuts to other departments as well.

The government unions won’t like that.

All we’ve ever heard is none of this can ever be cut.

Trump wants to increase the military budget by about 10% but McCain said it’s not enough.

Our Senate Majority leader wants to keep spending which is why the debt never goes down.

Senator Rand Paul has been very vocal in calling for the U.S. to stop building up other nations when we are $20 trillion in debt. At least we know he will support these cuts.

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