Trump threatens to sue over Mueller probe, calls for a mistrial in Stone case, Judge won’t delay sentencing


President Trump is under assault from the media for tweeting today about the Stone case and for suggesting he might sue over the Mueller probe.

Daily Beast wrote, “President Donald Trump went absolutely wild on Twitter on Tuesday morning. In the space of an hour, he threatened to sue Robert Mueller, and shared an argument that his convicted pal Roger Stone should get a new trial because one of the members of the jury allegedly sent some mean tweets about him.”

They weren’t merely “mean tweets.” The foreperson, Tameka Hart, is virulently anti-Trump and anti-Stone. Every American is entitled to an impartial jury under the Constitution. Hart also lied during jury selection.

A lot of Americans would disagree with the Beast on every point they made. In fact, Rasmussen Reports has President Trump’s approval rating at 50% of likely voters on Tuesday. The fact that the media hasn’t been able to destroy the President and his staff is driving them insane.

The President said he might well sue Mueller for the hoax probe. Indeed, Mueller had a lot of information debunking the dossier and the spy warrant on Carter Page, but his team proceeded with the investigation anyway.

The President is also angry about the politicization of the Stone case and wants a mistrial.


The judge in the Stone case, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said Tuesday at a teleconference hearing that it would not be “prudent” to further delay the sentencing hearing, but said she’d delay the execution of the sentence until after the retrial request was resolved.

“I am going to keep the sentencing where it is,” she said, as she denied a request by Stone’s lawyers to delay the sentencing. Lawyers for the Justice Department said their preference was to proceed to the sentencing hearing as scheduled.

An order from the judge issued after the hearing also revealed that the Justice Department was opposing Stone’s bid for a new trial.

Tweeting is the only way the President gets his word out. It looks like he will only have one option in the Stone case — a pardon or commutation.


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