Trump Is Trying to Move Education Back to Local Control But Success Is Another Issue


President Trump issued an executive order last week directing Secretary of Education Betsy  DeVos to determine which regulations and guidance documents issued by the U.S. Department of Education have unlawfully overreached on education policy intruding on state and local control.

A Department of Education official Rob Goad said the order “puts an end to this overreach, ensuring that states and localities are free to make educational decisions”.  It doesn’t yet. It depends on Betsy DeVos who has to deal with the deep state.

Media says Trump has done nothing because executive orders are meaningless without implementation. There is a point in there. With Chuck Schumer slowing down all his cabinet appointments and a Congress that fails to act, Trump has his job cut out for him.

The executive order requires a review but what happens after? Betsy DeVos was once a supporter of Common Core. Her team are the same bureaucrats who are pro-Common Core, support education as a place to develop future workforce drones, as a means to globalize U.S. education, and they are firm believers in intrusive data-collection.

The division over the Core, even among conservatives, is stark with some supporting Common Core as a means to produce tougher standards – Bushism – and others seeing it as a way to nationalize education with a propagandized federal government in control of the curricula.

George Will destroyed Common Core in under two minutes in May 2014.

Big Government is substituting themselves for parents and teachers in the education system and robbing the individual of freedom and constitutional rights. Common Core is an insidious infringement on our Constitution and will forever change government’s relationship with the individual.

It undermines our Founding and degrades individuals…Obama has been successful in doing that. The data mining and the standardized instruction is highly intrusive and gets to the core of who we are as individuals.

This quote from SDS member Mike Goldfield recorded in “New Left Notes” in 1966 describes what the left is actually doing:

“You have to realize that the issue didn’t matter. The issues were never the issues… It was the revolution that was everything. The only thing that mattered was what you were doing for the revolution. That is why dope was good. Anything that undermined the system contributed to the revolution and was therefore good.”

When Hillary isn’t telling students to default on their loans, she’s telling Americans that “it takes a village” to educate your children. She believes strongly in centralized education with Big Government calling all the shots, not parents and not educators. She is in favor of education that indoctrinates and “forms the child” for a workforce in a “managed economy”.

She speaks for the Democrat Party.

Emmett McGroarty, a lawyer and senior fellow with the American Principles Project, shared those views with Ginni Thomas last May.

President Trump’s order is a sincere effort to bring education back under local control but it remains to be seen if it can be restored given the team of bureaucrats DeVos has appointed.

Will they hijack his mission as the other agencies have done so far?



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