NYPD Commissioner Looking for Lawless Ways to Keep ICE from Deporting Illegals, Rev. Says Not Good Enough


Keep in mind while reading this that ICE is deporting criminal illegal aliens almost exclusively.

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill spoke to a crowd of about 600 at the Immaculate Conception Church in the Bronx to tell them he will do what he can to prevent the U.S. government from following immigration law.

They’re looking into what they can do.

When asked by the priest if police can respond to all ICE arrests and make certain the illegals “rights” are protected [keep them from being deported], the Commissioner said he’s looking into it but it’s a manpower issue.

O’Neill responded, “I cannot commit to that right now, but I will commit to working with you to come up with some alternative to keep everybody in this city safe.”

It would be safer if they weren’t a sanctuary city.

Father Francis Skelly, said he was disappointed that the police commissioner could not promise to have an NYPD officer present whenever a federal ice raid takes place.

“We would be naive to think that sometimes people’s rights are not violated,” Father Kelly told PIX11. “We would like police to be there not to interrupt ICE, but to record what’s happening.”

That’s so the lawyers can delay deportation indefinitely obviously.

The only thing stopping the Commissioner from ordering the NYPD to operate lawlessly is a shortage of manpower. While pretending it’s to keep people safe, the only ones being given sanctuary are illegal aliens and their criminal relatives.

American citizens’ rights are violated every single time a foreigner comes here illegally and collects our benefits, every time a foreigner kills someone or brings drugs in to poison our children or engages in trafficking youth for the pleasure of sexual deviants.

The sob stories have begun to appear on the pages of no less than The NY Times. They want NO ONE deported. Don’t fall for it.


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