Trump win for the USA! Pfizer has a COV vaccine that’s 90%+ effective


The coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech is more than 90 percent effective, the companies said Monday in a major milestone for the fight against the deadly global pandemic.

The Manhattan-based drugmaker and the German biotech firm became the first pharmaceutical outfits to reveal successful data from a large, late-stage study of a COVID-19 vaccine at a time when the US and other nations are grappling with surging infection counts.

“Today is a great day for science and humanity,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said in a statement. “With today’s news, we are a significant step closer to providing people around the world with a much-needed breakthrough to help bring an end to this global health crisis.”

This data comes from their Phase 3 study.

Pfizer Inc. teamed up with BioNTech SE, and they announced their mRNA-based vaccine candidate, BNT162b2, against SARS-CoV-2 demonstrated evidence of efficacy against COVID-19 in participants without prior evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Without Trump easing regulations and forming business-government partnerships, none of this would have happened.

Do you notice that they waited until a week after the election to make the announcement? They didn’t know this last week or two weeks ago?



  1. “You better nail down everything that you want to keep, the democrats are back.”

    Grammaw back in 2009 when the Chicago Jesus Messiah was immaculated.

  2. Don’t mean to piss in your cornflakes, but so far scientists have been unsuccessful in developing a vaccine for any of the other sars/covid viruses. But directly after they announce Biden as the alleged winner, a magic bullet against Covid-1984 appears! Anyone starting to realize that this whole thing is a hoax?

  3. It’s time someone told the President the truth. It’s past time he listened.

    Stronger, harder, & more ruthless men than our President have measured him carefully & found him to be a real estate developer with standard,(even, if excellent) executive, board room skill sets. That’s all fine, as far as it goes. Did I say strong, hard, ruthless men?

    These same men & the forces they represent are fighting every day & competing for world domination & frankly, they aren’t particularly impressed with, or dismayed by the President’s marketing skills. It worked once in 2016, caught them flat footed as it were. Now they’ve seen & reevaluated it all & they have sized Trump up for a walk over, which, if you’re ready to be honest is exactly what they have just done.

    I have tried to warn the President literally dozens of time over the course of his first term, but even, if “Piss ants” like me could talk who would hear them?

    What now needs doing is for Trump to come out fighting. The law is for cowards. The very first thing the President must do is to arm Taiwan with nuclear, tipped missiles, replete with American trainer teams. Neither the Democrats, nor the Chinese, not even Jack Dorsey with his futuristic, Una-bomber beard, not the entirety of the establishment, or its media can do a damn thing to change it. You don’t put the toothpaste back in that tube.

    That’s the opening shot, if the President intends to indicate he is going to win this fight. He can be advised as to how to approach and implement that proposition, but it is nonnegotiable. They can all scream and they will, but Trump is commander in chief. He never promised & has no obligation to be weak & ineffective.

    I say again, the law is for cowards. First, you have to earn their respect. Powerful men have substituted in & live by rules. Some even have a code. The very first rule is to win. The law is a mere handmaiden. The law follows victory. Take charge. Be the man. That’s what winners do.

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