Philly mayor begins uniting us! Told Trump to put’ big boy pants’ on & concede


Kenney demonstrated how well the ‘winners’ would work with the other side as they claim. Instead of letting the President follow through on potential fraud in the courts, as he is allowed to do, the mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, told the press that the President should put his big boy pants on, congratulated [senile] Joe, and concede.

It’s a real slap in the face of Trump supporters. Trump supporters have questions that must be answered. The process needs to play out. No one is asking to win over illicit partisan reasons, but rather to make sure our elections were fair.

Kenney should pay more attention to the job he’s doing. He allowed looters and arsonists to destroy black communities.

In no way should President Trump concede at this point. If there is fraud as his lawyers contend, it has to be addressed immediately. It will be especially important in deciding the Senate race and who will have control of the Senate. Senators Loeffler and Perdue have to face runoffs.

We must have legitimate elections. They can’t do some of the things they did in this election on January 5th. Our election looked like something you would see in Belarus.

Biden is also showing how well he will unite us by pushing fiats he plans to enact immediately upon assuming power. He is telling all governors to mandate masks all the time. Senile Joe is planning amnesty, open borders, and a huge stimulus. He isn’t running anything by Republicans.

That’s how well he plans to work with Republicans.

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