Trump’s approval with Black voters hits 46%


Donald Trump’s job approval with Black voters has risen to 46%. That’s where it should be. Many Black people are conservative just like white people. It’s a sad fact that Republicans haven’t made the effort to reach out to Black people. Then along came Donald Trump with money for Black colleges, justice reform, opportunity zones, a plan for a half-billion investment in Black communities, and a reasonable plan for taxes and the economy.

This rise in popularity is considered the result of the 50 Cent factor, a rapper who wisely doesn’t want to turn over 62% of his wealth to Joe Biden. It might not hold since 50 Cent seems to have retracted his endorsement after Jimmy Fallon and his former girlfriend Chelsea Handler reminded him he’s Black.

Hopefully, this won’t change President Trump’s increased popularity.

Biden is a racist. It’s too bad he gets away with it.



  1. The Chelsea Handler (?) thing was odd where she called out 50 cent for supporting Trump. The I don’t want to be 20 cent line was funny after reviewing Biden’s tax plan.
    Who knows why the dems think everyone hates America. The people who are doing well certainly don’t feel that way.
    Youngsters have been indoctrinated and the difficult situations caused by the COVID overreaction power grab has made some desperate and deluded into thinking socialism is some great new idea.
    The GOP should be happy. Romney or McCain didn’t get near 46% approval but they are mostly never Trump.

  2. Black voters start seeing that Biden and his puppets masters like Rockefellers, Carnegie, Gates senior, Gates & Melinda Fundation, Clintons later on also part of it, were behind The Negro Project, 1939 that kept on going until these days when D. Trump needed to use executive order to save babie’s lifes. We’re talking about late term, healthy babies killed intentionally through their Planned Parenthood network.
    Planned Parenthood “canceled” only this year July 2020, the PP’s symbol, Margaret Sanger the KKK lady, 1926. These are evil Eugenics.
    They didn’t kill only black babies, but they were the main target. The Democrats are corrupted and evil serving a Globalist Agenda.
    No other president have accomplished or had the ball.z to accomplish what Trump had done.
    Warning, shocking video from Planned Parenthood, the black babies killing organisation:
    Warning, shocking video:

    To see more evil, Planned Parenthood sold baby body parts and the corrupt FBI doesn’t do anything. Who do they work for besides Clintons, Biden and the left evil Cabal Demoncrats?

  3. ….Black Americans who have been taken for granted by the Dem’s for a long time have been torn by the fact that Donald Trump has always been a popular figure with them. They just needed a bit of a push to embrace him as their President and give him their vote.

  4. NOTHING makes me happier than to witness black America emancipate themselves from the Democrats’ New Plantation.

    It took one good and courageous man, Donald Trump, to stand and deliver the TRUTH to them.
    LBJ was only partly correct … he did have the but not for 200 years.

    As president Trump explains, nothing brings people together better than success. While Democrats always threw out crumbs, Trump is setting them up for long term succcess.

  5. Black people are heavily capitalist and 87% self identify as Christians. Democrats hate both groups.
    Blacks have figured this out, d’oh!

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