Trump’s approval with Black voters hits 46%


Donald Trump’s job approval with Black voters has risen to 46%. That’s where it should be. Many Black people are conservative just like white people. It’s a sad fact that Republicans haven’t made the effort to reach out to Black people. Then along came Donald Trump with money for Black colleges, justice reform, opportunity zones, a plan for a half-billion investment in Black communities, and a reasonable plan for taxes and the economy.

This rise in popularity is considered the result of the 50 Cent factor, a rapper who wisely doesn’t want to turn over 62% of his wealth to Joe Biden. It might not hold since 50 Cent seems to have retracted his endorsement after Jimmy Fallon and his former girlfriend Chelsea Handler reminded him he’s Black.

Hopefully, this won’t change President Trump’s increased popularity.

Biden is a racist. It’s too bad he gets away with it.

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