Savage! Trump shows hairy legs clip at Manchester rally


Tump’s absolutely a savage!

At the ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in the Pro Star Aviation at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, Trump played the Hairy Legs video with funny images.

Joe shouldn’t be upset about that. No Democrat should be upset. This is Joe, just as he is.


He also played the clip of Joe saying that just like Obama, he has the most ‘extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in history.’ Of course, we know what he meant to say, but could there be a Freudian slip in there?

This is driving the left crazy. They only like jokes by bad comics mocking Sarah Palin or has-been actors playing Trump. Governor Whitmer said Donald Trump needs to be stopped. They can’t take any opposition. Trump isn’t making up ‘comic’ scenarios to point to Joe’s flaws. He’s only playing his own words back at them.




  1. When in tough situations Joe could say hey you guys wanna pet my hairy legs.
    It could be a good ice breaker or make everyone laugh moment.

  2. The ONLY way for Biden/Harris/AOC +3 to win the election is by way of MASSIVE voter fraud based heavily on late delivery of unverified, ballot-harvested, unsolicited, mail-in ballots in states that Trump appears to carry on November 3rd. Ballots with no postmarks, fraudulent signatures, from unregistered or dead voters will be discovered in the days following the election.

    Another thing to consider is that Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi may immediately begin 25th Amendment proceedings to remove Joe Biden and elevate Kamala, the most liberal Senator in Washington, to the Presidency, leaving Pelosi (should the Democrooks retain the House) FIRST in line to replace Harris. They know full well that Joe Biden is not mentally fit to be the leader of the free world.

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