Trump’s Sunday Morning Tweets on Impeachment & More


President Trump retweeted Jesse Watter’s latest video that shows the impeachment trial is a farce. So, that’s that.

President Trump retweeted this next tweet about Paul Krugman which links to Thomas Sowell. In the Sowell clip, he talks about how some “among the intelligentsia are absolutely immune to facts.” He suggests Krugman is one of those people.

He retweeted the knockout blow tweet:

Schiff is corrupt and sick. [that’s a given]

Do-nothing Democrats saw their sham case shredded. It’s massive election interference.

Trump tweeted new nicknames and some old ones for Democrats just prior to the Senate impeachment trial getting underway Saturday morning for the fifth day in a row.

Over the past three days, House Democrats’ impeachment managers have argued their case on why the president should be ousted from office, even declaring him a dictator and an “imminent threat” to the nation.

He tweeted: Our case against lyin’, cheatin’, liddle’ Adam “Shifty” Schiff, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, Nervous Nancy Pelosi, their leader, dumb as a rock AOC, & the entire Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrat Party, starts today at 10:00 A.M. on @FoxNews, @OANN or Fake News @CNN or Fake News MSDNC!

It may be childish or is it just accurate?

Yesterday, he also had words for Iran’s leaders. They want to negotiate but the sanctions have to be removed first. The President responded in two words.

Also, yesterday, he tweeted key clips from the Saturday debate and the opening by Judge Jeanine.


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