Obama allegedly said Trump’s a fascist so that’s that then


NBC had big news last night about Barack Obama. He allegedly called Donald Trump a “fascist” in a phone conversation with Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia during the 2016 presidential election. Kaine makes the claim in a video clip featured in an upcoming documentary about Hillary Clinton.

Kaine, Clinton’s running mate, recounts the exchange with Hillary. He says his wife, Anne Holton is a material witness.


“President Obama called me last night and said: ‘Tim, remember, this is no time to be a purist. You’ve got to keep a fascist out of the White House,'” Kaine says, quoting the man with a pen and a phone. He then adds with a laugh that Obama “knows me and he knows that I could tend to err.”

Clinton replies, nodding, “I echo that sentiment.”

She then puts her hands to her chest and says, “But that’s really — the weight of our responsibility is so huge.”

The clip appears in an episode of “Hillary,” a four-part documentary series that will be available on Hulu on March 6. The docuseries, which premieres at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday at a screening Clinton was scheduled to attend, chronicles her early life, rise to national prominence and political career.

NBC News was given access to the series this week. Nanette Burstein, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker who directed “Hillary,” confirmed in an email that the clip of Kaine was recorded by a camera team hired by the Clinton campaign.

The date and time of the exchange are not clear. However, this is all second-hand information and we basically know nothing from this propaganda flick.

NBC News is using this to begin their latest assault on the President before the ink is dry on uneventful Fruman videos and boring impeachment trials. They are going back to the old reliable scare tactic — Trump’s Hitler, he’s Mussolini, he’s a fascist, and a dictator. All this while the hateful media and Democrat allies try to take all the power of government in a coup.

This so-called information is possibly coming out now as part of an effort to discourage Black voters who like Trump. We can’t have them straying from the Democrat plantation.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

This is their ploy convict us of what they are doing, the real Tyrants are the Democrat Party taking over industries and freedoms.