“Chilling!” Dems don’t care about sham impeachments either


It’s over. Time to call it a day. The fat lady has sung and the curtain has come down for the last time. You’re boring people to death, Dems. Not only that, you’ve pushed the President’s poll numbers up.

David Axelrod just found it “chilling” that a focus group he sat in on for 80 minutes didn’t even mention impeachment until they were well into the discussion.

The former chief strategist for President Obama’s presidential campaigns was in a fright over the lack of interest by the focus group during a discussion with CNN’s Erin Burnett on “OutFront” on Friday night. If he was in touch with the American people, he would not have been so shocked.

“I was in a focus group this morning for the Institute for Politics here at the University of Chicago with some Chicago Democratic voters, and it was chilling to hear them talk about this,” Axelrod said.

“Because impeachment didn’t come up, no one volunteered it, for 80 minutes into the focus group, and we’re right in the middle of the trial,” he added.

“When it came up, they said, you know, it’s terrible what he did, the case has been proven, but we know how it’s going to turn out,” Axelrod said. “So we’re not really that interested, we’re ready to move on.”

Axelrod added that this is what the President and the Republican leaders are “banking on.”

Yes, true, that and the fact that it’s a fake impeachment to overturn the last election and interfere in the next.


The viewership keeps going down on these made-for-TV assaults on the presidency. There were 20.5 million viewers for Kavanaugh, 19.5 million for Comey, 16 million for Cohen, 13.1 million for the first day of House hearings, 11 million for the first day of the Senate trial, 8.9M on day two, 7.83 million, day three, and we don’t have days 4 or 5 yet.

If Chicago Dems don’t care about impeachment, then nobody cares about shampeachments. They know it’s not real. It’s a partisan tactic since they have lousy candidates. This is their 2020 campaign. It’s all they got, folks.

Wilt Chamberlain says it’s echoing Justice Kavanaugh.



  1. the DNC has destroyed itself with numerous investigations (targeted hits ) and their lousy 2020 candidates for president. I mean who would have believed that a bernie Sanders is the most popular democrat ? good grief.I Schiff and Nadler have become showboating clowns. with Pelosi not far behind them. this is a horrible way for her to end her lengthy career. no wonder Axelrod is appalled.

  2. Time to release the details of all the sleaziness on the dims/commies yet? If they wanna get into a real crap slingin’ fest, maybe some of theirs need to come out. You know, the stuff that has been kept under wraps that everyone in DC knows about but doesn’t wanna talk about.
    The clown show has nothing, hasn’t had for a while and Axelrod has always known it. He just wasn’t aware how it was playing to the folks. Now he knows and he’s “appalled”. lol.
    The party may be over. Good.
    Just sayin’.

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