Tucker and Steve Bannon on Hate in Ireland, This Isn’t Immigration


Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”

[Special Message to the Congress on the
Internal Security of the United States,
August 8, 1950]
Harry S. Truman

The transformation of Ireland is a good case to examine, and Tucker did that during an interview with Steve Bannon. Honest people will agree with at least some of what is said.

Ireland is a tiny nation of five million people, and they’ve had an influx of about 144,000 foreigners who aren’t coming to assimilate. Almost all are on the dole. The EU pays for some of it.

The illegal immigration that their globalist leaders forced on them is not what the Irish people wanted.

Bannon believes globalists are replacing European populations [and that of the United States]. The leftists see the populations as dangerous, and Ireland is one of the worst examples of what they want to achieve for all of us.

Tucker sees it as racism and an expression of hate.

Bannon agreed and said they have contempt for the working class. He thinks that’s why they’re cracking down so hard. We’ve all seen what they tried to do to Viktor Orban, although he has been right about everything. He has become the public, political, and intellectual leader of this anti-globalist movement.

In Ireland, the leftists have taken it to the next level. They’re investigating Conor McGregor for hate speech over a couple of tweets and a few statements he made. The Garda arrested 30 people, and their whole focus is on prosecuting the people who stood up to this. The entire focus has been on going after the population and trying to cow them, to try to say if you stand up to this, it will be hate speech.

The hate speech has many years in prison associated with it.

Bannon is not saying you can’t go after rioters. He’s saying it’s their whole focus.

They haven’t gone after the crime, the homelessness, massive immigration, and the other problems. They’re going after the Irish people to silence them.

Tucker asked Bannon somewhat rhetorically that if the political class goes after the people for its opinion, it’s not a free country, is it?

Bannon replied that he thinks he’s correct, and you’re seeing that in the United States.

They hate you and think they are the only ones with the answers!

The solution to the immigration problem is obvious. It could be solved overnight – enforce the law! They won’t do that because it’s not about immigration. They know they’re replacing us, taking our jobs away, and making us pay for the needs of our replacements.

Immigrants are a positive for a country, but this isn’t immigration. This is about something else. They could invite creators in but don’t – they invite takers. The lure is the enormous welfare system. Milton Friedman approved of free immigration, but not with an enormous welfare system.

This has never been about immigration. It’s a political movement to transform the United States of America and the entire West. They need to destroy the opposition with censorship, and they need to destroy the Republican Party.

But it’s all for our collective good. They don’t want you to own anything, and you’ll be happy.

All of these open-border immigration programs are about bringing in poor, uneducated workers into the country for their cheap labor to enrich them. It’s about votes for one party.

We went from spending millions to billions to hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars. Spending is about breaking the system, destroying the middle class, and redistributing all the wealth to them.

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3 months ago

They need to save the planet, right? (or they say) They think the population should be half of what it is to accomplish that goal. Who do we know that has the same goal, though not for the same reason? Let’s see….if we kill all the juuzz and the Christians, that would be a good start. And who do we know would like to do that?
A match made in hell.