Tucker Carlson: “Free Speech Is Done”


The First Amendment is done. Tucker spoke with Douglass Mackey, who is about to go to prison for posting a joke meme about Hillary Clinton.

He faced ten years in prison for making fun of Hillary Clinton. Tucker ran a clip of Hillary talking about Mr. Mackey, claiming he made memes about her, which doesn’t bother her, but he went from free speech to misleading people about when and where to vote.

“So, it went from speech to action meant to subvert the election because thousands of people who they targeted through their algorithms. Oh, I can text my vote for Hillary Clinton,” Hillary said.

Mr. Mackey wasn’t working for anyone or paid by anyone who targeted voters through algorithms.

This does not fit any definition of free speech. The prosecutors couldn’t find one person whose vote was affected by the meme, this meme:

At no point did Mr. Mackey think he was committing a crime, much less a felony. He had no warning until 7 am one morning, while he was sleeping. The FBI banged on his door and told him they had a warrant for his arrest.

He had no idea what he did until they got to the courthouse. They handcuffed him and he had no idea why.

Watch the clip

Years ago, I spoke with a tea party member who was also an IRS investigator. She wouldn’t let me post a story about one of Hillary’s corrupt friends who got off because of Hillary’s influence. She was terrified of Hillary, and said no one would take her on.

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