Bombshell! Next Week, FCC Will Control Every Aspect of the Internet


This was first posted on November 7th. Reposting because of the seriousness of this. Biden is breaking the Internet next week.

Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Brendan Carr is calling the Biden administration’s “digital equity” plan for all internet services and infrastructure an “unlawful power grab.”

Biden’s regime is seizing control of the Internet, and it has Obama’s fingerprints all over it. It’s the complete centralization of Internet and Internet speech.

“President Biden’s plan hands the Administrative State effective control of all Internet services and infrastructure in the country. Never before, in the roughly 40-year history of the public Internet, has the FCC (or any federal agency for that matter) claimed this degree of control over it. Indeed, President Biden’s plan calls for the FCC to apply a far-reaching set of government controls that the agency has not applied to any technology in the modern era, including Title II common carriers,” Carr said in a statement on Monday. …

“Congress never contemplated the sweeping regulatory regime that President Biden asked the FCC to adopt—let alone authorized the agency to implement it,” he said.

The text of Biden’s order expressly provides that the FCC would be empowered, for the first time, to regulate the following for every ISP:
  • “network infrastructure deployment, network reliability, network upgrades, network maintenance, customer-premises equipment, and installation”
  • “speeds, capacities, latency, data caps, throttling, pricing, promotional rates, imposition of late fees, opportunity for equipment rental, installation time, contract renewal terms, service termination terms, and use of customer credit and account history”
  • “mandatory arbitration clauses, pricing, deposits, discounts, customer service, language options, credit checks, marketing or advertising, contract renewal, upgrades, account termination, transfers to another covered entity, and service suspension”

It seems Biden is blaming the free market and capitalism for his bad policies (watch the Beck clip below for more information).

Glenn Beck explains – excellent explanation:

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