Tucker: Congress says take your $600 and shut up


Tucker slammed the outrageous ‘COV relief bill,’ which is actually a foreign aid bill with some cash for Democrat allies. The bill is a massive giveaway to sketchy socialist governments who are allies of the Democrats.

He rightfully noted that Congress said, take your $600 and shut up. Congress no longer cares when Americans think. Why would that be? It’s probably because Biden is preparing to open the borders to new Democrats who will come here illegally and then get amnesty.

Do recall that Hillary Clinton told elites in a meeting of corporations that the country could handle more than 300 million new citizens.

These are three of the key statements he made, among many key statements:

On the other hand, it’s also pretty good to be a Jordanian. The same bill passed (but not read) by Congress allocates $500 million for border security in that country. Congress wants to help Jordan build a wall along its 275-mile long border with Syria. Apparently, Congress is worried about illegal immigration in the Middle East, which is why it allocated another $250 million for additional border security in Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman. God knows those countries need it. Borders make a nation. Remember that.

Except here in the United States, which is unique among nations through history, borders are not relevant. In fact, borders are racist. And that’s why this very same bill defunds American border security. It slashes funding for ICE detention space and blocks requests to hire more deportation officials. Immigration authorities in this country will have 11,000 fewer detention beds starting this year.

There’s also $33 million for what are called “democracy programs” in Venezuela because we’re experts on democracy. We’re spending $231 million to help pay down the national debt of Sudan, debt being another area we know a thing or two about. And just in case you were worried that American society wasn’t divided enough, this bill creates two new monuments to the interest groups that have the most political power at the moment. So the Smithsonian will create a women’s history museum, as well as what’s called the National Museum of the American Latino.

About $505 million is going to study why migrant children are coming to the United States. Why do they need $505 million for that? It’s likely to cover up its real use, which is to bring all these incoming Democrats to America. We’re going to finance our own demise.


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