Tucker exposes China’s global fraud & MSM’s collective guilt


Last night on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the host called out China for a global fraud that killed hundreds of thousands of people and deeply affected our US election. The MSM protected China and allowed the lie to continue, even as thousands died and livelihoods were destroyed.

Tucker began, “You’ve heard a lot recently about “voter fraud” and “election fraud.” But now comes more profound news, of a global fraud that began long before Election Day and has ruined millions of lives, killed hundreds of thousands, and deeply affected the outcome of our presidential election.”

“We speak, of course, of the coronavirus pandemic. Simply put, we’ve been lied to.”

The latest evidence of this fraud comes from samples collected during Red Cross blood drives last year and analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in a study published on Monday.

The blood samples proved the virus showed up much earlier than China let on. It was in Italy as early as September.

Describing the Red Cross study, Tucker said that when the samples were collected between Dec. 13 and Dec. 16, 2019, no one in the United States had ever even heard of COVID-19. It wasn’t until Dec. 31 that the Chinese government even acknowledged it existed – yet every one of those samples came back positive for coronavirus antibodies.

“That means the human coronavirus was being transmitted throughout the American population far earlier, possibly months earlier, than we were told. We don’t know yet how it happened, but we know for certain that it did,” he said.

China knew and let their infected people travel through the world but within their own country. They are responsible for these deaths.



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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
2 years ago

Tucker is right, of course. America HAS BEEN POISONED by China and it goes FAR DEEPER than this BIOWARFARE attack.

Remember these words, “COVID is God’s Gift to the Left.”

The Left is completely diabolical but they also get carried away with their sense of self. Give them a microphone and eventally, they expose themselves. WHEN SOMEBODY TELLS YOU WHO THEY ARE, BELIEVE THEM.

Unless Dr Fauci, “Little Man,” has a crystal ball, the unleashing of this virus was NO Happy Accident. He gave a lecture back in 2018 “predicting,” a pandemic before the end Trump’s 1st term. It was the job of Fauci, the MSM, the DNC, the DEEP STATE, to ASSURE the damages would be devastating. Not Just to America but to the WORLD. COVID has been the battle cry of the maniacal Left to impose ABSOLUTE POWER WorldWide.

America is INFESTED with China stooges and IT IS UBIQUITOUS. Our MSM, the DNC AND MANY within the GOP ALL bought and paid for by CHINA.

Without ANY doubt, the effects of COVID gave America’s enemies within the very playbook they needed to even ATTEMPT to unseat President Trump. The “74 million,” Trump voters reflect THOSE VOTES THEY DIDN’T destroy or “transfer,” from Trump to Biden. I would not be at the least surprised to learn he actually won this election with north of 80 million votes.

IMAGINE what those numbers would look like WITHOUT a Covid 19.

The Pandemic a FRAUD – ABSOLUTELY. Yes, there’s a virus. Yes, in Jan. Feb were didn’t know how to treat it. This virus now has a recovery rate of 99+% and, in fact, for CHILDREN, Swine Flu 2009-2010 was approx.13% more lethal to children than COVID. And presently, America is on track to have FEWER overall deaths in 2020 than 2019. During a bona fide pandemic, THAT would be IMPOSSIBLE. It has been MADE possible by nearly EVERY death being labeled, “covid.”

Among those poisoned by China is or CDC and FDA. If they were serious about halting this virus dead in it’s tracks, they would NEVER have banned HCQ. As of late spring, COVID stats in 8 Sub Sahara countries CONFIRMED the “POTENT” effects of HCQ on Corona viruses:

8 Sub Sahara nations: Nigeria, Congo, Uganda, Mozambique, Cote de’ Ivoire, Ethiopia,Malawi, Niger
Total combined population: 557 Million (nearly 2X of America)
Total combined COVID cases: 408
Total combined COVID deaths: 14

These 8 nations with 3rd world health care all share one thing in common: their entire population is on perpetual, intermittant regimes of HCQ because of Malaria.

“HCQ could KILL you” THAT IS A FLAT OUT LIE. HCQ in foreign nations, is sold over the counter along with aspirin and Tylenol. In fact, ASA and Tylenol BOTH have far GREATER potential of severe side effects than HCQ. Safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, HCQ is cheap, plentiful and among THE SAFEST drugs on the market. Fauci’s OWN NIH, in a 2005 study, determined Chloroquine to be, “POTENT,” against Corona viruses.

So what did our FDA do? THEY BANNED it for use against C19. Thus, nearly EVERY actual COVID death in America, is BLOOD ON THE HANDS OF OR CDC AND the MSM/Politicians who trotted out like good little Leftwing China sycophants and PUSHED the myth that HCQ “could kill you.”

And if you question that this was bio warfare started by China, unleashed on the WORLD as, not “God’s gift,” but CHINA’S gift to every Earth bound tyrant with a Blood Lust for Absolute Power, you need only look at what eventually happened in those nations that sold HCQ over the counter for DECADES. Pharmacies, shops were ordered by their own power lusting tyrants to get out to their medication ailes with a trash pail and ditch EVERY JAR of HCQ.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  Judyann Joyner

You may have noticed that there IS a major psychological attack being directed towards the world population and that it IS the corrupt Main sewer Stream fake Media leading the charge…and that wherever and whenever the Chinese virus appears to be waning and the removal of “lockdowns” are proposed, almost miraculously, as if on demand, a whole slew of cases materialize out of “nowhere”(???)

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

This is not really news. Tucker will do anything to try to preserve his conservative viewership. This is just another deliberate distraction from the election crimes, which Tucker will not cover.

Ever since Tucker betrayed America, his shows are like reruns from months earlier, there is no chance I watch him.

Paul L
Paul L
2 years ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

If only millions of us did the same with the shitshow from CNN, CNBC, ABC, MSNBC, RT, SorosFlix, FUX, CBS, CBC, NBC, ABC, CIATV, MSM, CCTV, NetFuX, Global Lies, CCP 24, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and all the rest of the Establishment Crap. The whole world would recover from the coronavirus psyop in less than a month; because nobody would believe the misdirection, paranoia, schizoid hyperbole, deliberate misinformation and disinformation, MKULTRA, PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD and MONARCH programming; and anything else the lying f*cks say.

By Any Means Necessary
By Any Means Necessary
2 years ago

The stakes are high for Xi and the fifth column of traitors which is why losing was not an option for the comrades.
In the worker’s utopia if you deface a poster of Xi with a mustache you are labelled mentally ill and hospitalized.
If you are a doctor trying to warn the world of a man made virus on the loose you vanish into the night after an SUV with tinted windows pulls up.
Remember when Japan fell for the god emperor hype? It didn’t end well for them.