Tucker: Most Massive Protest in German History, Ignored by Media


The media isn’t covering the most massive protest in Germany’s history. Eva Vlaardingerbroek left the Netherlands to support her neighbors and to get the truth out.

Eva said that tractors backed by truckers blocked roadways “and basically paralyzed the country for, well, for at least a few hours, and the protests are still ongoing every day all around the nation. If you would listen to the mainstream media, you either wouldn’t know it was happening, or you would be hearing that democracy is being overthrown. So that’s why I decided to come out to Germany and cover the protests and support the farmers here.”

She explains why the protest is taking place.

“Well, they are obviously trying very, very hard to demonize the farmers and to say these are all far-right extremists that are here to overthrow a legitimately elected government when, in fact, like I said, these are ordinary people.

Everybody I’ve spoken to is just there because they are rightfully so, very much upset at the fact that they are paying for what I would say is their own destruction. You know, they’re not stupid.

They’re seeing that the German government and, in general of Western governments, who are under, I would say, globalist rule, are spending millions and millions and billions and billions of euros on causes that either don’t exist like a non-existing climate crisis, or they’re spending it on, development aid in Africa, or they’re spending it on a war in Ukraine that isn’t theirs. And then the ordinary people of these countries have to pay for that. And that’s exactly what they are fed up with.

That’s what they are sick and tired of. And that’s why they’ve gone out to protest. And I really feel, Tucker, that this is an uprising, not just of the farmers, but an uprising of ordinary, hard-working, honest people against the establishment. You know, the deplorables, as Hillary Clinton called them. You know, those people are now saying enough is enough, and they are stepping up against our governments and against the global elites.”

She said there is a “war on farming” globally. They are not far-right but rather ordinary, honest, hard-working people. They are paying money for their own destruction – fake climate change, wars they don’t want, and so on.


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1 month ago

Wake up America! As long as we have the Biden Brownshirts, Gates, and Kerry our farming sector is next, screw these tree hugging fascists.