Hochul Will Remove Accurate Depictions of Early Indian Wars


New York Governor Kathy Hochul is rewriting history and has vowed to remove representations of Native Americans from the state capitol at Albany. She said the state would respond to the “offensive representations of indigenous people.” These include depictions of war between Native Americans and European settlers in which Americans legitimately won.

Indigenous people settled on the land before the Europeans, just as some Europeans settled in 1600 and some settled last week. That is all indigenous means. It doesn’t mean they have a claim to anything.

We can no longer learn about Indians attacking settlers. There will be one narrative. European settlers stole the land (that no one owned). We will also ignore the warring tribes who dislodged other Indian tribes.

The mural, which Albany insiders reportedly said had elicited complaints from Native Americans, shows battles between European settlers and Native Americans, including with the Five Nations of Iroquois and a fight with Samuel de Champlain, Post Milennial (PM) reports.

New York saw the War of 1812, where members of the Six Nations Confederacy, including men from the Haudenosaunee/Iroquois tribes, fought. The French and Indian War, ending with the 1763 Treaty of Paris, also saw clashes between Indigenous and European men. The Indians lost the wars. European settlers took the land, says PM.

That is what happens when you win. Currently, the Left is winning in their takeover. We are invaded to the north and south, and no one is stopping it.


Under the heading “Respond to Offensive Representations of Indigenous Peoples,” Hochul’s State of the State report reads: “All New Yorkers should feel welcome and respected when visiting the State Capitol. Unfortunately, offensive imagery and distasteful representations of populations in the art that adorns the Capitol can alienate visitors. Indigenous peoples, in particular, are often depicted in artworks in a manner that reflects harmful racial stereotypes and glorifies violence against Indigenous peoples. Such depictions do not reflect the values of New York State.

Member of the Seneca Nation JC Seneca praised the removal of murals depicting the history of the state and battles in which Native Americans lost, saying the war memorials are “braggadocious,” the NY Post reported.

“It’s braggadocious about killing my people. They killed a lot of our people and stole a lot of our land,” he said of the wars lost by Native Americans. He claimed the Seneca were “still fighting for their sovereignty” and encouraged Hochul to remove a statue of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.

Columbus never set foot in the now-United States. These Indians are just leftists.

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