Tucker on Biden Telling Immigrants White Men Are the Problem


We have a situation where white progressives led by figurehead Joe Biden convinced black Americans that it’s only fair to punish white people who live today for sins of the past. The segregation Democrats championed in the 1800s and the first half of the 20th century is back. Only now, it’s aimed at white people, especially white men.

Tucker addresses this in the following clip:

“White men are at a structural disadvantage in getting jobs and getting contracts and getting into schools. There’s kind of no pretending it’s anything but what it seems to be. And most people know that few people understand just how corrosive this is to the country and to the idea of the country.”

He noted that for 100 years, immigrants have come to our country for opportunity. Implied in that is a meritocracy that allows you to succeed if you work hard and have ability.

“But affirmative action and now DEI invert that arrangement.,” Tucker continued. “New immigrants to this country are told immediately that the people who founded the country – white men – are the problem. They are evil. So, not only does this inculcate racism in our immigrants, which is a terrifying prospect, but it also makes the workplace a hellscape. A sort of corporate Jim Crow structure that degrades everyone, and that’s inherently immoral.”

Tucker talked about the CEO of IBM, who won’t allow employees to hire too many white men and Christians, all in the name of DEI. The very people who made this country great were white Christian men. He’s supporting racial fascism.

“We now know this thanks to these videos and others like them; in practice, this is an even more vicious form and a much more widespread form of Jim Crow. Obviously, it’s incompatible with the existence of the United States of America. So what do we do about it? Well, of course, the civil rights division of the Justice Department is doing nothing about it. They are affirmatively opposed to civil rights,” Tucker said.”

He introduced Stephen Miller, who is doing something about it. He’s the founder of America First Legal.

Miller said, “You describe what we just saw, a fascinating, albeit chilling, window into the reality of corporate America today…”

Listen to what he has to say.

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Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
1 month ago

If you’ve ever been to India you’ll realize he’s only re creating the caste system the IBM chief grew up with. Sure its as racist as all hell. That’s India. Tell me again that diversity is our strength.