Tucker on That Dire Warning: Something Bad Is Coming


“Something bad is about to happen,” Tucker says, and he gives his best advice for handling it in the clip below.

“Every gut-level feeling you have is telling you the truth,” Tucker said. Follow your intuition. “If you feel deception, you’re right,” he said.

He said the guy who they claim is running the US isn’t. A cartel runs the country. Opposing him is a man facing life imprisonment, and the more charges they tack on him, the more popular he gets.

The side indicting him doesn’t want him to win so badly that they will imprison him. It also shows the public isn’t buying it.

Facts and the truth of the facts matter most. “You cannot punish people for telling the truth, or you become an empire of lies.”

“If you are governed by people who actively hate the truth and lie” for the sake of it, “you are living under very dark people in very dark times.” And “the stakes are the ultimate stakes.” It’s not about an election; it’s about what happens to your soul.

Never allow yourself to tell something you know not to be true. Tucker is “calling for a population that becomes stronger inside, and also outside.” People who tell the truth get stronger each time they do.

“Don’t let them take your dignity. You are a free person.”

“The more you tell the truth, the stronger you become.” They will back off. Liars are weak and afraid. They can’t even admit the president is senile – they are hiding because they are weak and scared – they are people who can’t stand sunlight.

On some animal level, they are afraid the average person will refuse to go along with it. When enough people do that, it will end.


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3 months ago

Yep, that’s what I see happening as-well, and most other rational people see. One failed gimmick after another, lie after lie. Sooner or later the levee of lies and malfeasance will break.