Tucker Responds to Haley, Graham, Calling for War, Bombing Iran


“No decent person can watch the video of young people being murdered at a music festival in southern Israel without feeling horrified,” Tucker began. “It’s awful and there’s no excusing it, no matter what you think of Israel’s policies in Gaza. You are not allowed to shoot people at music festivals. That’s a crime.

“Israel has a right to respond to that crime and to defend itself. No one seriously contests that. The question for American policymakers, however, is what do we do, how do we represent the interests of the United States in this chaotic moment. That’s not a selfish question. It’s the whole point of making policy for a country to improve and protect that country…”

“If you serve in the US Congress or in the executive branch of government you have a moral duty to think this way it’s your job, you serve the United States and its population. You have no moral authority except to the extent that [you defend] your fellow American, but it’s worth remembering now because…the conflict between Israel and Hamas could escalate into a war between Iran and its allies and the West…millions dead, the collapse of the global economy.

“At the very least, you could see an unprecedented energy crisis here already. Gas in one Bay Area service station hit $7.29 a gallon over the weekend. If that trend … persists, the United States, which is already technically speaking bankrupt, would plunge into depression.

“And no, it would not be like the 1930s; close to ten million people have come here over the last three years from the poorest places in the world, the overwhelming majority of them are on some form of federal subsidies. Wonder how that’s gonna work out when the US government runs out of money.

“So there’s a lot at stake in how we encourage Israel to respond to the horrifying Hamas attacks. Wisdom and long-term thinking are essential, but you will not be surprised to learn that is not what we are getting…”

Tucker played a clip of ambitious warmonger Nikki Haley telling Israel, “This is an attack on America,” and “We have to unite around making sure our enemies do not hurt our friends. America can never be so arrogant to think we don’t need friends, just like we needed them on 9/11. That’s why Ukraine needs us when Russia is doing this. That’s why Israel needs us when Hamas and Iran are doing this, and I’ll say this to Prime Minister Netanyahu. Finish them. Finish them…”

She said, “’We must finish Iran,’ a nation of nearly 90 million people,” Tucker said.

“What are we watching here,” Tucker said. “This is not sober leadership. She is a child, and this is the tantrum of a child, ignorant, cocksure, bloodthirsty, yet no one in Washington scolded her for it.

Tucker said fellow neocon Lindsey Graham also called for the bombing of Iran.

“So, I’ve been on the phone all day to the Mideast, and I’ve told our allies, people with connections to Iran, what I would do. I would tell Iran that if Hezbollah attacks Israel, we’re going to come after you, the Iranians, and have a coordinated effort between the United States and Israel to put Iran out of the oil business by destroying their refineries, their four major refineries. Then Iran, their fixed targets, if Hezbollah attacks Israel.

Tucker wondered what exactly would happen to the United States if we declared war on Iran and started blowing up their infrastructure.

“Lindsey Graham has no clue what would happen,” Tucker said. “He hasn’t thought it through. He’s almost 70 years old, and he has no children. He doesn’t care, but neither, amazingly, did most of his colleagues in Washington. They’re as reckless as he is. Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw took to social media to call for what he described as ‘a war to end all wars,’ as if there is such a thing, but of course, there isn’t such a thing. Wars beget more war. The bigger the conflict, the uglier and longer lasting the consequences…”

World War I was the ‘war to end all wars.’

Vivek Ramaswamy

He spoke with Vivek Ramaswamy, who “dared to suggest that actually going to war with Iran might not be in America’s national interest, and for saying that Mike Pence immediately denounced him as gutless and unpatriotic or something.”

Vivek Ramaswamy said that what happened in Israel was barbaric and medieval. Israel absolutely has the right to self-defense. They should have our moral and diplomatic support as an ally. He also wants to know what went wrong with US and Israeli intelligence now, not later.

He called Nikki Haley a “child. “

“She is somebody who is like many politicians in a position to get wealthier from war,” Vivek said. “Look at the military contracting business and, otherwise, but put that to one side. The message that I would send would be very different. Get to the bottom of what allowed this gaping hole of intelligence and defense to even happen before feeding that same beast…

He continued on the issue of securing America and to stop funding both sides in the conflict.

“If anything, as an ally, one of the things that we need to wake up to is that we’re vulnerable here in the United States to the same and so we can do some things to prevent that – secure our border, stop funding both sides…

“We’re effectively now funding both sides of a war that we shouldn’t have been in the first place, in places like Russia and Ukraine.

“Leaders here need to look after American interest first, but the conversation can’t be limited to right and wrong.”

[We have the stupidest politicians in the world. They have no foresight and zero common sense. We do need to supply weapons to Israel as we have.]

There is much more, watch:

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