Tucker says lockdown failed except for despots


Tucker Carlson gave a rousing monologue last night and made the case for the lockdown not working. Quoting from a university study in California, he noted that more than 300,000 Californians have antibodies for the Wuhan Virus that they contracted during the most major lockdown in history.

He didn’t know this last night, but it looks like the same thing happened in New York City. In a new random study, 20% or about 1.8 million of the inhabitants contracted the virus during the lockdown — they have the antibodies. It means the infection rate of the city is about .5% without counting the “presumed” deaths.

Tucker referenced the eight states that did not lockdown and the European country which did not — Sweden. They did the same or better than many of their counterparts.

A math professor did the math on it and he found that a state’s lockdown strategy had virtually no effect on how severe the outbreak was from the virus. [It did help keep hospitalizations under control which was its intent originally]

Tucker dealt with despot Mayor Garcetti who said he’d “hunt down” anyone who isn’t doing as he directed.

No U.S. leader has ever talked like this, but they are now, Tucker said. Science does not support the new authoritarianism, he continued.

Public officials need to admit the lockdown didn’t work and stop now, he concluded.

Watch, it’s interesting:

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