Tucker says Ms. Powell wouldn’t provide evidence, Snerdley responds -updated


During his monologue on his show last night, Tucker Carlson said that he tried to get Sidney Powell on his show. He wanted her to discuss some evidence she has that Dominion switched votes from Trump to Biden. She has made a claim on-air several times and again yesterday at the press conference with Rudy Giuliani.

While agreeing that electronic voting is dangerous, Tucker said Ms. Powell would not provide any evidence. When pressed, she told Tucker not to contact her again.

When Tucker contacted Trump campaign staff that the network knows, they said she hadn’t given them any evidence.

Dominion has denied everything Ms. Powell has said, from ties to Smartmatic and Venezuela to storing votes overseas.

Rudy Giuliani said last night that even without that, meaning evidence of Dominion’s malfeasance, he still has enough evidence. Does he think Ms. Powell doesn’t have the goods? We’ll find out soon.

We don’t know why Ms. Powell won’t share any evidence she says she has. Perhaps she sees the media, including Fox, as the enemy.


Those comments caused a great deal of angry backlash, but that isn’t fair. Let’s wait and see. Tucker has stood up for the President under tremendous pressure not to do so.


Rush’s assistant, Bo Snerdley, wants people to wait for her to present the evidence in the courtroom where it belongs. Why would she give it away now?

We think this is what Rush’s main man, Bo Snerdley, was referring to in this tweet:

How quickly we turn on our own:

Updated: Bo Snerdley’s comments were added after publication

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Powell won the war of words yesterday by far. I won’t bother to see if the angry Carlson doubles down today and says she has no evidence, or if he tries to sugar coat the event. He’s digging a hole.

3 years ago

I think the pressure from the Fox upper Admin., put pressure on Tucker to draw information from Powell before she is willing to present her full case, sad performance by him.

Van Helsing Signal
Van Helsing Signal
3 years ago

Those who call Rush racist are clueless. Fam played that card and I brought up a pic of Bo on the screen.
Back in the 90s we got through to the Snerdman but he said gun control was not on topic for that day.
We weren’t mad at him and got a kick out of just getting through to the show.
Powell might be the last chance to stop the steal and save us from a Zimbabwetopia.
The forces of evil are aligned with their fangs bared and they are hungry for the blood of the deplorable kulak untermenschen.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Consider what Tucker has done the past 8 days. He suddenly dropped any serious discussion of the election crimes. Yesterday he took the time to criticize Powell for not giving away her case on TV.

There are many things Tucker can cover on the crimes without doing this stunt. He has deliberately stopped the discussions despite developments the past 9 days. There has been much more to discuss, but he gave in to fox for his career over the nation. He lost credibility and he may never come back. Fox is now fully supporting the coup. I am now a 0% fox viewer.