Tucker says we shouldn’t care what ‘low-IQ, race-baiter’ AOC says


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not a socialist so much as a hate-filled blatherer of race-baiting nonsense. That is all she represents.

Appearing on “Outnumbered,” Tucker Carlson also called her out bluntly. He was responding to her declaration that people coming illegally should get reparations.

“It’s just interesting to come to a place where a low-IQ race-baiter like that has an important voice in national policy,” he said. “Like, who cares what she thinks?”

He called the childlike New York congresswoman as “totally reckless” and an open “racist.”

“Obviously the border policy now is a disaster,” he said. “To be fair, it’s been a disaster for a long time. It doesn’t serve the interest of most Americans. And it won’t because people that use the magic word, which is ‘racism,’ to cow the rest of the country into submission. She wants to change the population, she wants her party to be more powerful, I get it. But we’re allowing her and people like her to do that because we’re afraid of being called names.”

“Until decent people shed their fear of being smeared by someone whose opinion you really shouldn’t care about, we’re never going to have a rational immigration policy that helps everybody,” said the host.

Unfortunately, millions on the hard-left follow her every word as if it’s gospel. She is the thought leader for the Democrat party and her views are being implemented under President Magoo.


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