Tucker speaks to the betrayal on our border by a most reckless admin


The DHS Secretary admitted yesterday that illegal aliens are allowed into the entire country without any COVID testing, Tucker said on his show last night. Forget COV, what about Ebola since there is an outbreak right now. Joe Biden was asked if he would visit the border and he said, “not at the moment.” When Harris was asked about the terrorists, criminals, children are pouring into the country, she said she wasn’t briefed about it. She was too busy promoting Critical Race Theory, Tucker continued.

This will change the country forever, he added.

As he said, no one is ever sent home. There has never been an administration this reckless. Mass migration will transform us irrevocably. There will be no turning back. Over the past thirty years, the population of this country has exploded by over 100 million people. We are becoming more jammed, chaotic, and less cohesive.


Sean Hannity gave a good summary:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

We know a lot about betrayal, as former Tucker viewers. Tucker now attempts to regain his audience by expressing outrage over Biden policies which were long ago known. If he is really surprised over the events, then he is not as smart as I thought. (If he really believes Biden won, then he is not as smart as I thought.) Tucker recycles stories now. We are not watching. Newsmax and OANN are filled with good shows in and around Tucker’s time slot.

2 years ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Tucker is the most insightful of of all the commentators. His independent rational opinions and willingness to let the opposing view speak (and expose themselves as the idiots they are) are at the same time not welcomed by those who think that the loudest voices on our side must be uncritically followed. There are unfortunately too many on our side, who follow the siren song of the blowhards instead of thinking for themselves. I don’t think we are at a point yet where discussion with the other side has to be completely abandoned.