Tucker Suspended by Twitter for…[We Can’t Tell You Why]


Mentioning the reason for the censoring in the title would get us canceled. We are already shadow banned.

Tucker Carlson was censored on Twitter for truthfully pointing out that Seth Dillon (Babylon Bee) and Charlie Kirk were censored for telling the truth.

Babylon Bee and Charlie Kirk were censored for tweeting that Rachel Levine is a man. Kirk said Levine lived as a man for 54 years [transitioning in 2011] and is now “Woman of the Year”. He only told the truth.

The Babylon Bee shared a satirical article naming Levine “Man of the Year.”

When the Bee’s editor-in-chief Kyle Mann joked that perhaps Twitter would allow Mann back into the account “if we throw a few thousand Uighurs in a concentration camp,” he was also banned.

Tucker Carlson was censored by Twitter for pointing out that both the Bee and Kirk were telling the truth. His tweet, in defense of Kirk and the Bee, is no longer available on Twitter because it “violates the Twitter rules.”

Carlson shared screenshots of both the Bee’s and Kirk’s suspension, saying “But wait. Both these tweets are true.”

It’s no longer a case of social media pretending people are sharing fake news. Now, it’s about sharing the truth they don’t like. Actually, it was always about that, just not so blatant.

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Banks were suspended and censored by Twitter for saying Levine is a man.

Everyone must pretend Rachel Levine is an actual woman as opposed to saying she’s transgender or it’s considered hate speech. Eventually, you won’t be able to call her a transgender. She’ll be referred to only as a woman — it’s coming, wait and see.

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