US Escalates- Declares Russia Guilty of War Crimes, Plans Possible Peacekeepers


Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that they have determined that Russia has committed  war crimes. This comes three days after our ambassador to Russia was warned by the Russian minister that the US relationship with Russia is “on the brink.” This came after Biden called Putin a war criminal, among other things.

“Our assessment is based on a careful review of available information from public and intelligence sources. As with any alleged crime, a court of law with jurisdiction over the crime is ultimately responsible for determining criminal guilt in specific cases,” Blinken said in a statement.

“The U.S. government will continue to track reports of war crimes and will share information we gather with allies, partners, and international institutions and organizations, as appropriate. We are committed to pursuing accountability using every tool available, including criminal prosecutions,” Blinken added.

It would be nice if we could believe one word these Biden staff say. Every one of them has lied.

Ukraine has also put out it’s fair share of propaganda and the President is an actor.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned, on Wednesday, that if NATO agrees with a Polish proposal to deploy peacekeepers to Ukraine, the move could trigger a military conflict between the US-led bloc and Moscow.

Lavrov also claimed that Warsaw may desire to establish a foothold in the large western Ukrainian city of Lvov and remain there after the conflict is over. “Why not, they had such thoughts, and not only thoughts, this occurred in the past,” he said. The diplomat also warned the Baltic states against sending their “little battalions” to fight Russian troops in Ukraine.

Our Polish colleagues have already stated that there will be a NATO summit now, and peacekeepers should be deployed. I hope they understand what is at stake. This will be a direct clash between the Russian and NATO armed forces, which everyone not only wanted to avoid but said that it should never take place in principle,” he said, according to Russian media RT.

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