Tucker Takes on the Climate Scam


Tucker took up John Kerry, and his climate agenda in Episode 44. Tucker said, “Another half-demented 80-year-old yelling about things he doesn’t understand. These are our leaders. They don’t care about our future because they don’t have one of their own.”

Kerry went to COP28 and called for no new power plants anywhere in the world. According to Tucker, no adult leaders listen to Kerry. They know what he is saying, “it’s nonsense.”

More of the world is burning more coal than the US. Despite that, our leaders think only the US is responsible.


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

M. Dowling, you are a heroine.
You are faithfully documenting the attack by the Democrats against the American way of life.

Tucker’s guest on Ep. 44, Michael Shellenberger, makes a significant point:The pillars of modern Civilization are:
Cheap Energy
Law and order
Free speech

You have shown how Democrats are constantly attacking all 4 of them.

1) They lie when they demonise cheap energy derived from coal, natural gas, and uranium. They use fear mongering by presenting a false view of the earth, and claim. They will destroy the society and the poor especially minorities (the very people they claim to champion) will suffer the most.

2) There socialist agenda destroys meritocracy. It is a deliberate attempt to hold back the competent, so the elite can keep control. Their denying quality education, especially to inner city blacks, denies them the opportunities offered in a meritocracy, so they can be kept on the plantation.

3) You have well documented the attacks on Law and Order again and again; St. Louis and Minneapolis being prime examples. Of course the allowing a left wing militants to riot freely.

4) The denials of free speech you have fully documents in a most frightening way.

While the average person just tried to get through the struggles on daily living, one day they will wake up and no longer recognise their country.

Thank you!