Tucker Talks with Russell Brand “Brilliant Explanation of the Modern World”


Governments conspired to shut down and destroy Russell Brand. This is his first interview since that happened. Tucker describes the interview of Brand “as one of the most brilliant explanations of the modern world.”

Russell Brand tells Tucker:

“What’s become apparent in recent years is what the nature of our relationship with government is. They are there to rule and control and dominate. And whilst they may now do it with an aesthetic of care and with the language of inclusivity, I believe the threat of authoritarianism is far, far greater from those that use the language of liberalism than [what] these emergent, somewhat nationalistically oriented populist movements present.”

“It seems to me ridiculously grandiose to even imagine that I would stir and arouse the interests of such powerful agencies and groups that the British government, if indirectly, would spend considerable sums on observing and amplifying content.

“That true information shared through our platforms in the period of the pandemic was censored, was cited as high risk that companies like Moderna had spent considerable revenue tracking our content and agenda, amplifying it.

“That Dame Caroline Diana, whose husband is a psyops expert that worked abroad in terrorism before deploying those methods and techniques, and to some degree, those teams to observe what they called disinformation and misinformation in the UK. I recognize that the new emergent media spaces present a lot of possibilities.

“Even with your kind compliments about our reporting on the Ukraine. All we’ve essentially done is listen to brilliant academics talking about the history of NATO and the coup in 2014, in Ukraine, and Putin’s explicit declaration that he would prefer, let’s put it mildly, that Ukraine were not invited into NATO, the sum of the regional disputes, how they’re escalating tensions. This is information that, because of independent media, is available.

“And perhaps the function that we, our media organization, have fulfilled is been to collate that information and convey it directly in an accessible manner, to give people an alternative perspective, then to the homogenized mainstream opinion which amounts to, I’ve learned over the last few years the amplification and normalization of the agenda of the powerful, that no opinions can be allowed into that space.

“And I’m astonished by how jealously is guarded. There are points in my life where my personal self-regard would have loved the idea that I would be considered important enough to attack on this scale, to spend this amount of revenue and resources on. But I’m now seeing the independent media itself is an extraordinary threat.

“The independent media inevitably leads the independent politics and independent thought, and we appear to be at some precipitous moment of radical transition. I’m not sure, and I’m not sure if anybody could be sure of where this is all heading, what the exact teleology is.

“But it seems to be to do with mass centralization, globalization, significant attempts to control the information space that are so rigorously adhered to and protected that even what you might imagine to be a marginal voice is considered a significant enough threat to warrant coordinated media attacks, expenditure on peculiar, clandestine non-government organizations, and think tanks that take their money from the military industrial complex, from the legacy media who, by the way, when they critique critiquing independent media, they got skin in the game.

“They’re not able to independently assess your work or my work or the medical opinions of Joe Rogan. They have a vested interest in destroying those organizations. In the last few years, I’ve learned about the Trusted News Initiative, which has extraordinary connections again to Big Pharma and sets of interest around the reporting on war.

“They’ve decided and determined that they are no longer competing with one another. You in particular come from a journalistic background, where it has been commonplace for the great institutions of American media to compete with one another for scoops the New York Times. Those days are gone.

“It explicitly states on the Trusted News Initiative website, we are no longer in competition with one another. We have to curtail and stamp out. I think even uses the word choke independent media.

“And it’s clear that there are now sets of globalist organizations funded by government, but also corporations that are making deliberate, profound attempts to shut down any dissent in an astonishingly aggressive way. And to be sort of caught up in it is, terrifying on one level, absolutely terrifying, particularly due to the nature of allegations I faced, but also revealing.

“More importantly, it’s revealing about the way, the way that I believe the world and in particular this space will be affected and the way these events will continue to unfold in the coming years.”

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Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
25 days ago

This is all “previous work.” The alliance of big government with multinational megacorps has been open and irrefutable since the Seventies. And people with major voices and followings who’ve tried to write about it have been suppressed, in some cases brutally. Brand’s comments are a summary; there’s no new insight in them.

Mark Kent
Mark Kent
24 days ago

Ordinary work-a-day people need to hear the truth. You’re not helping, Mr. “I know it all”.