Tulsi Gabbard: This “Undermines the Very Foundation of American Democracy”


Former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said this action against Trump “undermines the very foundation of American democracy.” [the Republic]

“This foundational purpose of what the Biden administration is doing is really the thing that should be most concerning to everyone,” she said. “The founders envisioned that our country would be a country of laws, not of men,” Gabbard continued.

It is used to divert Trump’s “focus away from the campaign” and drain his resources.

Gabbard said, “What we’re seeing is a politicized Department of Justice that has disqualified itself from being able to fulfill the awesome responsibility that they’re entrusted with.”

The politicized Department of Justice is used “to go after political opponents”…and “to protect Joe Biden and, by extension, his son, Hunter.”


Democrats appoint Justices who will legislate from the bench and who will choose emotions over the Constitution. They are using this Trump indictment to smash the 1st Amendment. They want our right to self-defense, our due process, and privacy. This isn’t what America is about. It’s not our values.

They are not even close to being what they were during the Kennedy era or even Clinton.

Democrats are a threat to Democracy. They are a threat to the Republic.

We can win this.

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