Turncoat Senators McCain, Murkowski Demand 50,000 More Refugees


President Trump announced that the limit on refugees will be kept at 45,000. It’s not good enough for those anxious to import potential jihadists into the country. We say ‘potential jihadists’ because we can’t properly vet them. They don’t have documents, period.

The Democrats and two turncoat Republicans Lisa Murkowski and John McCain want at least an arbitrary 50,000 more.

If we take an extra 50,000, it does nothing for the refugee crisis; it barely puts a dent in the “crisis”. On the other hand, it puts us at risk. It’s not worth it, especially when we know from recent past history that many are going to be on the dole for years to com and they won’t necessarily assimilate. The fact that the U.N. that hates the U.S. is picking out our refugees should terrify people.

The group sent a letter demanding “robust” numbers in 2018.


  1. Are they out of their minds? Yes, Frank, let’s see if they will sponsor one and bring them to their neighborhood. There is genocide being committed against Christians, hundreds of thousands have been slaughtered! They never seem to make the “News!” Funny how disproportionalte the number of Christian to Muslim refugees are, isn’t it?

  2. Johnny and Lisa should put their actions where their rhetoric is. Each should fill out the proper paperwork & sponsor at least on refugee family….taking full responsibility for the newcomers.
    At least one family Johnny and Lisa…if you dare.

  3. These 2 betrayed the voters, violated their promises, and defied Trump with their health care votes. Trump has no interest in conceding to them on refugees. These 2 are just a bunch of hot air, endorsing anti-US policies.

  4. Can these two idiots say Germany, boy its working out great for Germany, the U.S is broke, who pays for food. housing. medical care for these people? the taxpayer, we got three recent Hurricane messes that’s going to cost billions and billions, setup a safe zone in the middle east and send supplies,

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