TB and Measles Are Making a Comeback


Tuberculosis and Measles are making a comeback in Chicago migrant shelters since we don’t screen illegal aliens for anything, including contagious diseases.

“Chicago health officials have announced that a “small number” of tuberculosis (TB) cases have been reported at some migrant facilities following a recent outbreak of measles among migrants living in the Windy City’s shelters.

“The Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) said the TB cases were reported in “a few different shelters” in the city. However, officials did not disclose the exact number of confirmed cases or which shelter locations they originated from – Fox 32 Chicago reports.”

They say it’s a small number, but they won’t tell us how many. Why?

The CDPH said 10% to 20% of Central and South American residents have a latent TB infection, which is asymptomatic and not transmissible to others. It does, however, result in a positive TB test, CDPH says.

Oh, it’s just latent in some, okay, then.

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