DOJ Wants Person Who Found/Sold Biden Diary Imprisoned


The Justice Department on Tuesday asked a New York district judge to sentence the woman who allegedly stole first daughter Ashley Biden’s diary to four to 10 months in prison for the crime.

They originally sought a six-month sentence of home confinement, with three years of probation for Aimee Harris. However, since her lawyers delayed, the DOJ wants revenge.

​​In August of 2022, Harris pled guilty to conspiring to commit interstate transportation of stolen property concerning the diary theft.

Harris has requested that her sentencing hearing date be moved 12 times, according to prosecutors, who argue that her excuses are an effort to “improperly delay” her punishment and merit a stiffer sentence, reports the NY Post.

According to the DOJ, Harris came across the first daughter’s diary, tax records, private family photographs, and her cellphone in September 2020, during a stay at a home [post-rehab halfway home] in Delray Beach, Fla., where President Biden’s daughter had previously lived.

In other words, Ashley Biden left them in the home [some reports said it was a post-rehab facility], allegedly under a mattress, and Harris found them.

The DOJ noted the diary contained “highly personal entries.” They must be referring to her and her cousin’s inappropriate showers with Daddy Joe when they were children. She suggested it led to her hyper-sexualization.

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