Twitter blocked Crowder from showing voting addresses that don’t exist


Podcaster Steve Crowder filmed a video showing that people allegedly voted from addresses that don’t exist. He made no specific claims but said someone in authority should be looking at this.

Crowder said in his video that he is not claiming Donald Trump won the election. He made no wild election claims.

He said, “This is a video in which, I PHYSICALLY VISITED AND SHOWED ON CAMERA (WITH A COPY OF THIS WEEK’S NEWSPAPER) voting addresses from this 2020 election, which in fact DO NOT exist. My crew and I FILMED them ourselves.”

He accumulated voter data from government websites. He checked the addresses were deliverable by UPS and if there was a registered property at the address.

“I then PHYSICALLY VISITED THE ADDRESS WITH A COPY OF THIS WEEK’S NEWSPAPER,” Crowder said, “proving that it, in fact, is actually just an empty lot, a construction site, a median under an overpass etc.”

“This is not hearsay. I would SWEAR TO IT UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY and I showed the results for the entire world to see.”


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