$1.9 trillion bailout pork bill balloons the deficit to an eye-popping level


The US national debt will reach $30 trillion if Dems get their $1.9 trillion bailout fund through via budget reconciliation. It’s only the beginning since they want to spend trillions on the climate, Obamacare, illegal aliens, and so much more.

Stephen Moore wrote in his Unleash Prosperity newsletter, “Biden and company are set to borrow more money over the next 12 months than the US government borrowed to finance the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Cold War.”

It’s mostly payoffs to special interest groups that vote for Democrats.

Congress has already approved $4 trillion in COV relief. This new bill has $750 billion in COV relief or related relief. The rest includes bailouts and pork.

It’s a blue state bailout after they spent recklessly.

The $1.9 trillion will put the US on the path to a $3.8 trillion deficit in 2021 and we will have spent more in one year than in the past 200 years.

We are spending more than the economy is worth.

Two Democrat senators, Kristen Sinema and Joe Manchin might not vote for it because of the $15 minimum wage which will destroy a lot of businesses barely surviving after the Draconian lockdowns.

Dems are writing another ‘recovery’ package after this $1.9 trillion bill. The new one will include infrastructure, climate change, inequality/equity, and other payoffs to the far left. We haven’t even spent the money from the last ‘COV aid’ package, which was also filled with pork and little for Americans.

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